Will the Real Masha Please Stand Up?

I was thinking about what to write for my first official blog post. I first thought I should start by stating the purpose for my blog or what I hope to accomplish with it. As I began to write, I realized one very crucial factor: How or why would anyone bother to read anything I write if they don’t know anything about me?! I rarely read an unknown writer’s article and take anything away from it unless I can relate to the source.
So then I started writing about myself which I thought would be easy. I wrote about being a therapist, then erased it, being a social worker, then erased that and

I continued to go on writing about what I DO only to realize that those things don’t make me WHO I AM.

I first and foremost am a human being. SHOCKER! I know it sounds ridiculous but I say that because I want to make it clear that stating I am a person, not a robot or machine, I openly disclaim that I may not be perfect, and that I too have flaws and emotions and good days and bad days and everything in between.
As people, we all have so many layers to uncover all of which have the different ingredients to make us our own unique individuals. While many of us share similar characteristics or interests, none of us are 100% alike.
I feel that this is the simplest yet simultaneously most complex concept for us to constantly comprehend and enforce in our thinking. We often set expectations for others in a general way, rather than looking at each person as their own, independent entity and setting expectations that are reasonable based of who that particular person is and what we believe they are capable of.
When we set general expectations for everyone we meet or have in our lives, we are setting ourselves and those people up for disappointment and failure. Just because I would communicate a certain way when I am frustrated, it doesn’t mean my mother would communicate that way, or my sister, or my friend, or the stranger next door to my house.
The moment that we can stop ourselves and really look at and evaluate who each person is in our lives, what they mean to us and what they are capable of, is the moment we free ourselves of hurt, disappointment or confusion.
I want this blog to be about identity, self worth, mental and emotional health, relationships, outlets and so much more. I want people to take the time to read this blog to walk away after and feel they have gained some new awareness or insight.
I, Masha Sorkin, therapist, social worker, female, shopaholic, friend, social media enthusiast etc will try to use all of my different qualities so that people can relate and know that my words come from a genuine and real place.
Feel free to share thoughts, feelings, topics, ideas, criticism or anything else under the sun if you read this.




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