The Stories in Your Head are NOT Your Friends

 Something that comes up a lot in therapy is the concept of over analysis.  Over analysis often comes from our internal anxiety and self doubt.  We learn that knowledge is power and that the more we know the better off we will be.  Just to be clear, analysis is NOT knowledge; it is theory NOT fact.   Continue reading


Let’s Get Digital!

I wanted to write this post and list my top 5 favorite apps out there on your smart phones or tablets that I recommend to my clients and feel are extremely helpful and beneficial when people are trying to work on themselves and also do some self reflection around their behaviors and emotions.  Continue reading

“Be Yourself. Everyone Else is Taken”

Confidence….Is anyone REALLY confident?  If someone is confident does that mean they are cocky or conceited or narcissistic?  If someone isn’t confident does that mean they are insecure and self loathing?

I often hear people say that one of the most attractive qualities in another person is confidence.  In the past, I believed confidence was something you have when you have something to actually be proud about or when you don’t have any doubts in yourself.  Through the years, I was also taught to be modest and humble and thought maybe if I acted in a way that gave off the impression that I liked myself or something about me, that is would seem showy or conceited.  I also believed that there were things about myself that needed a lot of improvement and how can you possibly be confident about something that you see as a problem?!

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