I Want What I Want When I Want It

What is the difference between someone who is a “Go Getter” versus someone who is “Impulsive“?

I have been thinking about these two roles recently and how we label others as well as ourselves.  I decided to break these two down and compare them in the most logical form; hashtags.

When I think of a “Go Getter” and how I would caption images of one, I thought of the following: #determined #motivated #nevergivesup #rolemodel #cool #likeaboss 

When I then thought of an “Impulsive” person, these came to mind: #anxious #awkward #looksafool #nopatience #doingbeforethinking

So I did my usual Google searching and found the following pictures when I typed in “Go Getter” and “Impulsive”.  Looking at these images, I bet you couldn’t guess which ones were for which term:

  1. Go-Getter_cover

2.  impulsive2


4. impulsive

5. Are-You-A-Go-Getter

So in case you wanted to know the answers- Numbers 2 &4 were impulsive and Numbers 1, 3 and 5 were Go Getters.

Seem pretty similar and interchangeable.  I think differentiating the terms is important because we as people are so good at rationalizing our intentions and actions.  I know personally, I can talk myself in or out of something easily depending on how I want to view things.  We do things in a given moment and justify it under the category of chasing after our goals and dreams.  Very rarely do we stop to self reflect or think about if our actions and excuses are really just accommodating our needs for instant gratification when we feel anxious.

At the end of the day, ideally, being a Go Getter is about chasing after what you want after careful thought and consideration are set up behind the determination to achieve the goal.  Being Impulsive is about doing something that may coincide with our goals, but off the cuff and risky.  This does not mean that everything we do needs to be planned out, over analyzed or methodical.  It does, however, mean that when we act out of impulse, we may be prematurely attempting something that could work for or against us in our path towards success.  There is a cliche statement we all hear people say; “Timing is everything”.  When we act impulsively, we disregard the concept of timing and throw caution to the wind.

Whether you are being impulsive or a go-getter is your choice.  You can be one or the other or you can be both.  Just make sure that you are taking the time to be introspective and figuring out if what you are doing in a given moment is truly in line with who you want to be and what you want to accomplish.  If it isn’t, then just ensure that you are aware of the risk and can prepare yourself for the consequences that may follow.


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